Western tourism floating season

Duration: 2 days 1 night
- Price : 3,000,000đ ~ 130 USD


Time: 4 days 3 nights - Vehicles: Aircraft


DAY 01: HA NOI - CAN THO - SOC TRANG - BAC LIEU - CA MAU (Lunch / Dinner)

Morning: Car and HDV pick up guests at the Opera House to Noi Bai airport procedures for flight VJ463 at 7:15. Arrive at Can Tho airport and pick you up to Soc Trang. Sightseeing:

Doi pagoda, the temple of the Khmer people, has the architecture, pattern is beautiful, the most beautiful of the 92 Khmer temple of the province. Particularly, from hundreds of years, the campus is over 3 hectares wide with many ancient trees are home to thousands of large bats such as bats crows, bats horse, have children weighing a kilogram, wingspan more than 1.5m Local people are known as Doi Pagoda.
Buy Pia cake specialties as gifts for relatives and friends.
After leaving Soc Trang, the delegates continued their journey to Bac Lieu.

A destination that you can not ignore when coming to Bac Lieu, visit:

Lieu Dieu Lieu, nowadays has been restored into Bac Lieu Congregation Hotel. Do visit and take photos here, hear about the old owner of the villa, famous players in Saigon and the South in the 1930s, 1940 ...
Afternoon: Arrive Ca Mau hotel Anh Nguyet. You use dinner. Evening free to stroll TP. Ca Mau at night. Overnight in Ca Mau.

DAY 02: CA MAU - HA TIEN LAND (Breakfast / lunch / dinner)

Morning: Have breakfast at the hotel and check out hotel. After that, the delegation will go to Nam Can to visit Ca Mau land.

National landmark of the southernmost point of Vietnam.
The iconic Cape of Ca Mau where annual silt deposition from 80-100m.
You can see the height of 20.5 m high view of Ca Mau Cape
Visit the model of miniature forest resistance - mangrove forest ecosystem.
Lunch: Have lunch. Departure to Ha Tien.

Come to Ha Tien to visit Thach Dong, Xa Xia border with Cambodia. Overnight in Ha Tien (Ha Tien Happy Hotel).

DAY 03: HA TIEN - CHAU DOC - CAN THO (Breakfast / lunch / dinner)

Morning: Breakfast, go to Chau Doc. On the way to visit Tra Su Forest Tra Saw, an ecosystem with an area of ​​850 hectares, large trees Melaleuca, birds, fish ...

Afternoon: Arrive Chau Doc for lunch. Then visit Ba Chua Xu Temple - the spiritual center of the Mekong River Delta, each year attracts millions of visitors to the cradle.

Transfer to Can Tho, get room to rest. Evening free walk Ninh Kieu Ben.

Overnight in Can Tho (Tay Do Hotel).

DAY 04: CAN THO - HANOI (Breakfast / lunch)

Morning: Visit Cai Rang floating market - a form of market on the river characteristic of the river has been more than two centuries ago. Group breakfast, check out. Visiting Southern Truc Lam Zen Monastery. Then come to My Khanh Tourism Village, enjoy the exciting items such as monkey circus, pig racing, dog racing ...

Lunch: Delegate lunch and car to the airport to check-in to the airport trip VJ462 at 14h10. Arrive in Hanoi, car and HDV take you on the appointment. End program

Prices apply for groups over 20 guests



Tour price


Price of Children tour

(From 5 - under 11 years)

Price of Children tour

(2 - under 5 years)

Price of Children tour

Under 2 years old

OCTOBER: 4,11,17,25

JANUARY 11: 1,8,15,22,29

DECEMBER: 6,13,20

VND 6,190,000

4,790,000 VNĐ

3,090,000 VNĐ

310,000 VND

27-30 / 12/2018

VND 690,000

4,890,000 VNĐ

VND 3,290,000

330,000 VND


New car air-conditioned shuttle to visit throughout the route
Round trip air ticket HA NOI - CAN THO - HA NOI
Meals included: 03 breakfast, 6 meals 120.000 VND / Meal and one western special hotpot: 150.000 VND / meal
Hotel standard 3 * full facilities 2 - 3 guests 1 room
In Ca Mau: Anh Nguyet Hotel 3 stars (ROH Standard Room / Superior / Deluxe)
In Ha Tien: Ha Tien Happy (Standard Twin / Double Room)
In Can Tho: Tay Do 3 * (Standard Twin / Double Room)
HDV enthusiasm, thoughtful throughout the route.
Tickets to the attractions (entrance 01 times).
Water, cold towel and travel cap.
Travel insurance 20,000,000 VND / 01 case.
Sightseeing: Cai Rang Floating Market

Eat off the program, VAT, telephone, laundry
Xe embracing Tra Su mangrove forest
Other personal expenses…

Children under 05: free of charge for tour service, air ticket according to the airline's regulations.
Children from 06 to 10 years old: 75% of tour price and sleep with parents
Children aged 11 and above: calculated as adults
Prices may change depending on the time of the delegation
The schedule may change, however, ensuring enough destinations

Flight times may vary by airline
When traveling, you should bring one of the following documents: (ID card is under 15 years old, or passport, birth certificate (for children), children not accompanied by parents Must have a confirmation of authorization from the parents with certification of the place of residence for the accompanying person to carry out boarding procedures.

The ideal destination to see the West floating season
Every year, in August, 9 lunar calendar, locations such as Tra Su Melaleuca forest, Tap Lap floating village, Bung Binh Thien ... again began to enter the most beautiful time. The water season of the West only lasts for 3 months, so do not hesitate to miss the wonderful gift from nature.

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest - An Giang

In October, November, tourists from the South to the north to see each other to see the tranquil Tra Jai ​​forest and green. After going deep into the Melaleuca forests, the boat turns you into the most beautiful area of ​​the forest - where the duckweed covered the water.

Boat will go slowly, enough to you feel the quiet nature around. (Photo: tourmientayvietnam)

Sitting on the three-leaf canoe, you will have the opportunity to drop in four blue stripes with rows of direct trees on the two sides, quiet space, sometimes soothing birds singing birds singing. Tourists can just sit on the boat, just touch the clutches to the water and watch the glittering yellow flowers on either side.

Approximately 30km from Chau Doc town, Tra Su mangrove forest in An Giang is typical of the western floating season. It's a waste if you go to the West without spending time with the cool nature of this place.

Bung Binh Thien

The first impression that Bung Binh Thien bring to you is the feeling of calm, calm in a green space spread to the eye. It is an immense watershed, created by the miraculous hand of creativity.

It can be said that this is the largest natural freshwater lake in the West. Bung Binh Thien also known as the lake of heaven. During the floating season, the water rises to the surface of about 900 hectares, the water is green and smooth as the mirror.

Bung Binh Thien landscape is very clear, windy surface. (Photo: nguoimientay)

On the occasion, visitors also participate in cultural activities such as boat racing, swimming ... to the popular folk games such as floating race boat race, fish ...

At night, visitors will enjoy the art at a stage floating boldly built on the lake.

Tram Chim National Park - Dong Thap

Every year, when the water is over, Tram Chim wears new colorful clothes and dances of nature. Instead of dawn, you can start exploring here in the afternoon to enjoy the scenery.

You will be surprised with the lotus field and the birds of the sky. (Photo: _94.hg)

In the fields of rice paddies, lotus, guns, melaleuca ... suddenly appeared tens of thousands of white stork wings point on the green background to create a beautiful scene. In Tram Chim this season, look where life is plentiful with birds flying hovering, water underwater, flowers blooming race.

Floating season is also where the lotus blooms all over. Walking on the embankment or rowing roofs to swing between the lotus shower to see his heart is peaceful and serene.

Tan Lap floating village - Long An

Located in Kien Tuong - Moc Hoa area, about 100km from Tan Lap, Tan Phong floating village is a convenient place to explore the floating season.

Tan Lap Float is suitable for those who like to mix in nature. (Photo: jolly.bu21)

An oasis nestled amidst the jungle of jungle, the scenery here makes you think like a fairytale forest. The feeling of experiencing the forest through the canoe, watching the lotus, guns, ... in the simple life of people living around the surface is water, sure to be very interesting.

On the way, you will feel the coolness of the green forest, the freshness of nature in the air of the earth, the water, the grass, moss ... In the desert and peaceful, Take a deep breath and see the full picture of nature so lovingly, charming.

Cai Rang floating market - Can Tho

To learn about the cultural characteristics of the West River, it is impossible not to mention the floating market with crowded commercial life of people. The most famous of these is the Cai Rang floating market of Can Tho people on the river Hau gentle.

The busy life characteristic of the floating market. (Photo: kenhdulich)

Because around 9am morning Cai Rang floating market has a boat so you have to go very early, even when it is not clear.

At dawn, you will enjoy the beauty of dawn, welcome the new sunshine on the river. In addition, the sight of the busy scene of the floating market, the goods on the boat is "monumental" will make you enjoy.

Southwest garden

Floating water tours that have never been discovered and enjoy fruit specialties in the garden is a major shortcoming.

Guests will enjoy the fruit in the garden. (Photo: hoebeo_)

There are many choices when it comes to the South West: Cai Be Garden - Tien Giang, Lai Thieu Garden - Binh Duong, Cai Mon - Ben Tre Garden, Trung An Fruit Garden, Cu Chi Garden, Vinh Long Fruit Garden. ...