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This September you have an appointment with Sa Pa?

Sapa is a never-ending destination with a cool year-round climate, a hot holiday resort in any season of the year. Learn about the tourist information Sapa has been integrated tourism Ngoc Viet below.

Sapa is a never-ending destination with a cool year-round climate, a hot holiday resort in any season of the year. Here are the information about Sa Pa tourism:

1. Prepare your luggage

Dress: The weather of Sa Pa varies from day to day, so tourists need to prepare sufficient clothing suitable for climate. You should bring clean, lightweight clothing.

Summer in Sa Pa cool, you can wear normal but still need a coat. But winter is very cold, you need warm clothes, gloves, towels, wool cap to free the cold high. Avoid carrying bulky, if you go for a long time can bring some laundry detergent to wash clothes (Usually people only in Sa Pa 2-3 days is enough space to go).

Due to the specific terrain and typical tourist products of Sa Pa is a walk to explore the beauty and scenery so visitors have to walk a lot. So to make your legs really comfortable, you should prepare a pair of shoes or sports shoes. Should not wear high heels (if you go to play in the center of Sa Pa can wear high heels).
Passport: Most of all hotels in Sapa require the guest to submit ID card for temporary registration (if you lost your ID, you can replace it with: passport, permit driver). In addition, many Sa Pa tourists have the need to rent a motorbike. So if you want to rent a motorbike, bring a driver's license to make sure the trip is really fun.

Some personal belongings: You should prepare some personal belongings for the trip such as glasses, masks, towels, gloves etc. These will help you to protect your eyes and health when passing. long way because there are lots of dirt on the road.
Besides, you also have to carry toothbrushes, towels, toothpaste because the hotel is available but the quality is not good. Please bring a piece of photo, camera if you like to save beautiful moments.

Snacks: As the journey is mainly a walk and takes a lot of energy, you should prepare a little cake, milk, chocolate, candy ... as you like. It will be very helpful for you on the way and especially candy can be given as gifts to ethnic children.

2. When to go to Sa Pa?
Spring: In Sa Pa forest peach blossom, plum blossom, blooming flowers. If you want to go for a peach look carefully before going because the weather every other year, peach will bloom sooner or later than the previous years, you can lose the opportunity to admire the beauty. Guests should travel between February until April or the first week of May is the most beautiful.

Rice: In Sa Pa, there is only one crop of 6 months, sown in early May. The high green rice ranges from July to September. If you want to go to the resort with a rice paddock should be in the range from July to September, if the weather to 10-12 may be cold weather, cold and fog. At times this is the water season so the waterfall will flow strong, very strong.

Winter: The winter in Sa Pa is very cold. In recent years the weather is so harsh that there is snow. The snow is white, and every creature or house can even be half a meter thick. The exact date of the snowfall can not be determined, so you have to keep track of the people on it (or maybe the hotel you plan to stay in), through the media, the TV.

3. Transport

* By car
Bus service: Bus ticket price 230,000 VND.
- Contact address in Lao Cai: 339 Lao Cai Railway Station. Phone number: 0203 828 626.
- Contact address in Sapa: No. 1 Ngu Chi Son Sapa. Phone number: 0203 887 733.
- Contact address in Hanoi: 284 Giai Phong, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi. Phone: 043 627 2727.
* Sao Viet passenger car: Ticket price 210,000.
Address in Lao Cai: 333B Pho Moi Ward, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province. Phone: 020.3689 689. Hotline: 0983 63 38 38.
Address in Hanoi:
- In the South: 789 Giai Phong Street - Hoang Mai - Hanoi
+ Tel: (04) 37.638.638 - 04.36.686.358 / 04 36.686.358
- North: 7 Pham Van Dong (Xuan Thuy bridge overpass)
+ Tel: 0437.687.687 - 04.37.921.266
+ My Dinh Bus Station: 04.39 958 627 - 04.39 958 127
+ Giap Bat Bus Station: 04. 85 867 815
* Ha Son passenger car:
Hanoi bus route - Sapa
- Departure berths:
+ Yen Nghia Bus Station - Sapa Bus Station. Departure time: 14h00
+ Underground water station - Sapa bus station. Departure time: 6h00
- Ticket price: 250,000 VND
Sapa Line - Hanoi
- Sapa Bus Station - Yen Nghia Bus Station. Departure time: 6h
- Sapa bus station - Underground water bus station. Departure time: 13h30
- Ticket price: 250,000 VND
- Hanoi Office: N2A Building - Tran Binh - Tu Liem - Hanoi (Entrance to My Dinh Bus Station). Booking phone: 0984. 62 62 62 or 04 66 62 62 62.
- Lao Cai Office: Lao Cai Bus Station - Group 19, Binh Minh Ward - Lao Cai City. Tickets: 0203 833 567 or 0203 65 65 65.

* Go by train

Trains have a variety of chairs, such as soft chairs, air-conditioned beds ... The train runs at 9 or 10 pm to arrive early in the morning.
4. Accommodation services
As one of the famous tourist destinations of the country, there are millions of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Sapa to pay annually.