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Vietnam tourism is considered by the State of Vietnam as a spearhead economic sector, considering that the country has diversified and diversified tourism potential. Travel Vietnam - Together we explore the country, friendly people. The mysterious Vietnamese places full of enchanting can not be ignored.

Explore one of the famous tourist destinations in the South

Travel Experiences COAST BAR - The most beautiful beach in Vietnam

Since the development of Ky Co, Nhon Ly people have invested canoes to pick up visitors, you can choose some services in Eo Gio area or near the sea of ​​Nhon Ly. The cost for sea bathing tour, coral diving, lunch about 350k - 400k / person.

You can choose to contact Dat (0987781080) to book canoe tours and dining, seafood ... this is the Hoang Thao seafood restaurant right in Eo Gio, Nhon Ly, this is also a great restaurant. providing catering services, providing fresh seafood, tour Co, Eo Wind. Cuong has met and talked with this friend many times, quite like his thoughts about the development of tourism here. You say that you read Cuong Ly, when contact knows where to be cared for, better serve it. Hehe

Fresh seafood at Hoang Thao restaurant, Nhon Ly.

Hoang Thao Seafood Restaurant, Nhon Ly. You can eat or order seafood brought back.

After about 15 minutes of launching, the crew reached the beach Ky Co. From a distance, Ky Co beach has really attracted people by the sand and light blue water color jade sandwiched between two large rocky mountains. At present Ky Co beach has a tourist management unit, selling tickets (30-50k / person), as well as construction of huts, sun protection and toilets.

Ky Co beach, today is sunny and sunny

Today, many waves and sunshine in the United States, so the sand and water are quite beautiful

Leaf area for rest and sanitation area has been built

Ky Co today is quite crowded tourists, according to the instructions of Hoan, local guides, the group did not choose the central sand beach to bathe to go to Ong Dia rocky beach, sand beach off the main beach.

The road to Ong Mo rock in Ky Co, you have to wade through the deep water near this guy.

As I see this is a beautiful and unique place of Ky Co beach but go to it is not easy. You have to reach the end of Ky Co's long sandy beach, then wading about 100m under the sea water depth of about 1.3m to reach. On the road sometimes flooded with waves, so you should be safe to wear life jackets as well as limited to carry electronic non-waterproof. Anyone who approaches or wears glasses is careful because the waves can be hit over the head and swept away.

Ky Ky Co, the most beautiful Vietnam

Ong Dia rocky beach is located in a secluded locality, with a small sandy beach nestled between the high cliffs, in front of and around the beautiful and majestic rock formations along with the jade and clear blue waters. squeeze. Here, in addition to bathing pictures with super beautiful scenery, windy days you can also try surfing or climbing high cliffs try your hand with the perfect santo turn into the sea, however this should only For those who know how to swim and not afraid of height.

Do you dare to try Santo from a height of 2m at Ong Ky rock, Ky Co?

Ky Co, the most beautiful beach in Vietnam

Compared with many seas and islands have been in Vietnam, Ky Co beach is considered as a beautiful beach and suitable for all types of tourists. Ky Co beach is beautiful and not too much rubbish, as there are management board collections as well as garbage bins scattered for tourists to use. If you love sea island then this is a really suitable and attractive destination.

Short coral reefs and lunch on rafts
From Ky Co beach, cano took our group strolling around some points near Ky Co beach before stopping at Hon Weo to see the coral. Each person was given a lifejacket, a diving glasses to wrestle the area.

Viewing coral reefs at Hon Saw, Nhon Ly - Quy Nhon

Viewing coral reefs at Hon Saw, Nhon Ly - Quy Nhon

Although I do not wear life jackets to diving but somehow can not dive deep down, the water pressure always tend to push up. Coral not too many but quite beautiful, colorful and swimming fish. The most popular is the floating float from the cano, each time swimming tired to stick to it or lying on the sky.

After swimming bored, canoe back to raft to rest and prepare lunch. While waiting for preparations, the delegation continued diving in the area of ​​Eo Wind. Although the sea is quite close to the people but still very beautiful, clear water.

Please note that for those who have a "seasickness" like yourself should prepare sunscreen and sunglasses. I exposed myself in the sea under a sunny weather, not wearing a shirt or sunscreen, so after the skin has been black, there are signs of skin peeling, heard not good for health.

PHUONG MAI sandwich & snacks at QUY NHON

Located on the way from Eo Gio to Quy Nhon city, Phuong Mai sand hill is a beautiful place but few people know and visit. On the way back to the city, before heading to the road to Thi Nai bridge, the group to leave the car at summer and climb the hill.